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The Village of Catskill is having a renaissance. New shops and restaurants are opening up on Main Street. Caleb Street’s Inn is just a short walk to restaurants, galleries, shops, parks and marinas.

Caleb Street’s Inn is in the Village of Catskill.




Athens is a historic river Village in the Hudson River Valley and home to the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse. Athens is just north of Catskill, and it has a brewery and a few restaurants.

Athens is a 10 minute drive from Caleb Street’s Inn.



Considered a small city, Hudson just across the river and a few miles north. It is home to the Amtrak Station, and has many shops, restaurants, music venues and galleries.

Hudson is a 10 minute drive from Caleb Street’s Inn.


Nestled in the Hudson Valley, Saugerties borders the Hudson River to the east, and offers views of the Catskill Mountains to the west. Saugerties offers a blend of history, cultural events, arts and an historic business district.

Saugerties is a 25 minute drive from Caleb Street’s Inn.


The town is famous for lending its name to the Woodstock Festival. Woodstock is a mountain town with an active artists colony. It is a free spirited – hippie town with lots of shops and restaurants.

Woodstock is a 35 minute drive from Caleb Street’s Inn.


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